10 Best Tips to Find the Right eCommerce Course

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10 Best Tips to Find the Right Course


Most online income journeys start with a YouTube binge. 

But there is TOO much information on YouTube and more often than not, you end up feeling overwhelmed by the flood the information. This leaves you feeling like you didn’t know where to start. To make it worse, a lot of YouTubers are putting out content that is derivative which results in a lot of similar videos on YouTube – copies of copies.

So of course, every time you try to implement something you learn, you will only get minimal results or none at all. These YouTubers aren’t actually practicing the information they were sharing so it often outdated or wrong.

This is why its best to stop taking lessons from YouTube and invest in paid courses. Learning organized method, will yield the most online successes.

Taking courses will put you a step above the sea of competition.

Every student is different.  Some students retain information easily when the information is presented to them in a different format (e.g. visually, auditory, written, kinesthetic). 

A mix of formats might work best for you.

But its really important to find a course that is the right fit.  After teaching and taking countless hours of online education, we’ve developed a pre-course checklist to help you decide if you should invest in a course pre-purchase!

This checklist is bullet proof protection from well-written copywriting and will help you to weed out the bad apples before you make a purchase. 

No matter what your learning style is, we know this checklist will be an asset to you! 

What makes picking a course so difficult?

With thousands of online course available, its hard to pick just one. 

The goal of every course should be results driven, but far too often the only scammy goal is to get you to part with your hard-earned money. 

Its really easy to be enticed by a good sales page with well-written copy and convincing testimonials.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out if a course was worth the purchase is to bite the bullet and purchase the course yourself.  

Qualities of the Right eCourse

1.     Refund Policy

2.     Full Access

3.     Facebook or Slack Group

4.     Mixed Media

5.     Weekly Training or Live Webinars

6.     Current Course

7.     Hidden Costs

8.     Solid Promise

9.     Course support

10. Research


Each one of our course requirements has the potential to earn 10 points. Let us explain …

Refund Policy: Its always really important to read the fine print. A course without a 30 day return policy is always a hard stop.  Sometimes, the refund will even come with conditions.  If it has a 30 day refund, its 10/10.  If the refund comes with conditions, 5/10. 

Full Access: You want a course that that give you full access all at once. No drip content.  They’ll offer a drip because they want to help you stay on track, make sure you’re taking action steps.  That’s what they say anyway.  But the truth is that the refund offer will often expire before the entire course has been unlocked. 

The buyer isn’t sure how they feel about the whole course until after they’ve viewed the entire thing.  So when they “drip” a course, they get less cancellations.  Full Access is 10/10 points.  Drip Content BEFORE the refund expires, 5/10.

Facebook or Slack Group: Every course should offer a way for classmates to congregate online.  Students will often experience the same problems and its encouraging for them to hear that their not alone.  

Its really easy to weed out the hacks this way.  Some courses are just chuck full of cheat codes or loopholes that are outdated by the time you take the course or worse, will get your account suspended.  

The group members will often call these things out and save you a lot of misfortune.  

Also, other students will form a group think and often come up with solutions that course provider didn’t even think of.  Class group or forum 10/10.  Class Group or Forum with less than 400 participants, 5/10.


Mixed MediaIf this is your first time learning a new subject, you really cant be sure what your learning needs are.  A course that offers over-the-shoulder videos and PDFs for further reference are always the way to go.  Mixed Media, 10/10. 


Weekly Training or Live Webinars: Much like an in-person class, its helpful to learn at the same pace as everyone else.  When a course provider has weekly webinars, they answer questions and make announcements live.  

This is especially helpful if the course is in beta!  The student questions will help to shape the course for all future students and the teachers are often super eager to address all of the issues that pop up.  Live interaction or Beta, 10/10. 

Current Course: Evergreen courses are great foundation, but honestly, they suck. 

They’ll teach you About the subject, but not actually How to take action and get results. You always want New Information – not outdated – taught by teachers that are still in the business.  Information is constantly changing.  What worked 6 months ago might already be outdated.  Up-to-date course, 10/10. 


Hidden Costs: All businesses have start-up costs.  All of them.  Additional costs are of course expected.  But will there be other course fees in order for you to learn everything you need to know?


What are the hidden fees? There is an initial cost to the course, but after that are there upsells or do you get the full course?  Will there be additional costs – platform, domain, licenses to name a few? Fully disclosed start-up cost before purchase, 10/10.  Mention of start-up costs, 5/10. 


Solid Promise:  “At the end of this course you will have ________. “  What is that promise or guarantee?   Is it a fully functional business or a solid education/understanding of how it works? There’s a difference. 

It would be great if you could discuss the results of the class with a previous student.  Is there anyone out there posting their income results? 

I love a course that says, “If you’re consistent with the steps we’ve shown you here, you can expect a modest return on your investment within the first 6 months.  If you hire help with this process, you will see faster results, likely in the first three months.” 

If the promise is, “Take this course and make $10,000”, run. Solid Promise, 10/10. 

Course Support: In addition to webinars and FB groups is there any form of support? Tickets? Admin email? Course support, 10/10. 


Strong Focus on Research: Most courses start out with a mind-set module to help the student set reasonable expectations and to plan a regime that will produce results.  

Always skip straight to the research section of the course.  The course sucks if it doesn’t encourage you to do your own research and offer guidance on what to research.

If the research section is missing entirely it’s a red flag. 

Likewise if the research section is short, relative to the other modules, its another warning sign. Robust Research Section, 10/10.

Bonus Points

Cheaper Pricing: Most courses are launched with affiliates in mind, which means they are sold with inflated prices to cover the affiliate fees.  Its best to grab a course directly from the course provider.  Also, they sometimes they make offers via other links, so look for those first.  Discount Pricing, extra 3 points.

Lifetime Access: It’s the worst feeling to buy a course, only to find out that  the 2.0 version was released shortly after.  If you’re granted lifetime access, you’ll receive all access to future updates for free.  Lifetime Access, extra 3 points.  

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Choosing the right eCommerce Course

There are so many other nuances that become important when choosing a course!  For example, the course becomes unbearable if the teacher is annoying.  Sometimes the information shared is thin or unorganized.  After you’ve checked the list you need to take a chance.  All learning is worth in the end! 

Don’t buy into a SPAMMY SCAM!

If you are afraid that the course might be a scam, use following checklist. If the answer to any of these questions is YES, run like the wind. Here we go …

1.     Did the course promise you’d make an insane amount of money in a short period of time?

2.     Did the course promise that running the business model would be easy?

3.     Did the course creator (or salesman) show you ANY of the following? Expensive Car, Expensive House, Expensive Watch and/or Jet Plane?

In conclusion, don’t buy a course that promises a hack or scheme. You won’t be able to completely shortcut experience and education. What you’re looking for in a course is guidance. That’s it.

Have you ever paid for a crap course? Share your experiences here! 


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