Guide to a Paperless Home Business

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The Best Products for a Paperless Home Business

If you’re thinking about going paperless, you’re probably drowning in paper.  Between your regular business documents and junk mail, having to process everything as it comes in becomes another job. 

No one wants to be responsible for this job. 

So the pile of paper grows and grows until someone rolls up their sleeves and goes in. Then, after two hours of dedicated sorting, an irritated organizer emerges from the office. 

All of bills are sent to you should be paperless and saved to the cloud. Then paper documents are processed electronically.

After you decide to process everything electronically, there are no more daunting stacks of paper, overflowing file cabinets and lost hours in the office. 

Here are the benefits to going paperless

  1. Increased Privacy: Without the stacks of paper, there is only one cabinet to keep locked.  That cabinet houses your important documents (e.g. car title, passports, marriage license, birth certificates, bonds).
  2. No more Clutter: All of the incoming paper has to be processed.  Everything gets scanned, but you don’t keep everything after you scan it.  Now that you are paperless, you don’t have stacks of paper waiting to be processed. 
  3. Increased Accessibility: With OCR, you can locate any file you need with a simple computer search, from anywhere. 

How Can a Small Business Go Paperless?

The best way to go paperless is to have a process. Every piece of paper that enters your home has a place to go. Here’s how to do it:

  • Scan all of the paper that comes into the house right away. 
  • Receive all bills electronically. 
  • Invest in quality software to help keep your office organized. 

These Are the Best Tools toUse to Go Paperless

  • Quickbooks
  • Scanner
  • Dropbox

Going Paperless is a Game Changer

Having the ability to access your important documents from anywhere will change your life.  You can sort, pay bills and fill out forms from anywhere in the house once your documents are scanned,

Outside of the house, you’re able to access these same documents.  Everything gets turned in on time!

Do you have any tools that keep you organized? Share them here!  

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