How to Make Money in Your Spare Time: 15 Weird But Brilliant Ways To Make Money From Home

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Making money in your spare time is not as hard as you might think! In this video, I share 15 weird but effective ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Are you’re looking to start a business? Are you just looking to make a little bit of extra money on the side? These tips will help get you started.

1.     Rent Your Space

You wanna know how to make money from home, but how about using your home to make money? Did you know you can rent out a room in your house on Airbnb? You can even rent out your driveway to people who need to park close to their destination. How about renting your storage?

If you’re looking for ways to make money, renting out space in your home or on your property is a great way to do it. If you have an extra room, unused driveway, or storage area that could be put to use, there are plenty of opportunities to rent out these spaces and earn some additional income.

Airbnb provides an easy platform for people who are interested in renting out a room in their house while sites like JustPark offer the chance to rent out driveways and parking spots near popular destinations.

Renting out storage space is also becoming more popular as individuals look for economical solutions when they don’t need access to all of their belongings but still want them stored safely. With so many options available, anyone can take advantage of the opportunity to turn unused space into cash!

2.     Become a Mock Juror

Mock jurors are hired by attorneys to review legal cases and provide feedback on how they believe an actual jury would decide. As a mock juror, you will be asked to read through case documents, listen to witness testimonies, and then render your opinion on the outcome of the case. It is an opportunity to use your critical thinking skills while helping you to also earn money online in your spare time.

3.     Virtual Babysitter

Some parents have young children at home who need looking after, and feel like the pressure of trying to juggle work and childcare is getting to be too much but don’t necessary want to arrange for a person to be in their home. A virtual babysitter can provide peace of mind for parents by providing reliable, safe, and engaging care for their kids while they take care of other important tasks.

Virtual babysitting services are becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience they offer – with no need to leave your home or worry about finding a trustworthy sitter. Not only that, but many virtual babysitters provide fun activities such as storytelling and games designed specifically for young minds, helping little ones stay engaged even when their parents aren’t around.

If you have a special skill, you might consider expanding your services. There’s online tutoring, online music lessons, and translation services to name a few. This business works well on word of mouth referrals so think about offering referral discounts to your clients.

4.     Sell Feet Pics

The idea of selling feet pictures may seem strange to some, but it is actually a legitimate way to make money. The practice has become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative form of income for many people. That’s right. There are people out there making good money selling pictures of their toes. It requires no special skills or qualifications and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Okay, you should probably consider a pedicure, but that’s about it!

All you need is a camera and internet access, and you’re ready to start selling feet pics! With this method, you can create unique content that appeals to a wide range of potential buyers.

5.     Get Paid to Sleep  

Do you wish you could get paid for sleep? Believe it or not, there are actually websites out there that will pay you to sleep! and offer users the chance to test mattresses and provide feedback on their sleep experiences in exchange for money.

Additionally, Coyle Hospitality Group is a market research firm who pays people to stay at hotels around the world and report back on their experience so they can improve hospitality services. So if your dream job is being able to sleep all day and still make money, these companies may be worth looking into!

6.     Be a model – life model that is

One of the best ways to unlock your creative potential is to become a life model. Life modeling involves posing for figure drawing classes and other art activities, providing artists with a live reference point from which to create their work.

This type of modeling is an important part of the learning process for many visual arts students, as it allows them to practice sketching and painting from life rather than relying on photographs or imagination alone.

Becoming a life model also provides aspiring creatives with an opportunity to observe how professionals approach their craft and gain valuable insight into their own creative processes. Plus, life modeling can be a very rewarding experience in its own right – it’s an art form that deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated!

7.     Sell Your Opinions

Do you have an opinion about a product or service that you think could be improved? If so, consider selling your opinions for money. Online surveys pay great money. A survey site is easy to use and can make you money reviewing things you already use! Add online focus groups to your list as well because everyone’s entitled to your opinion. Survey sites live Survey Junkie will pay you for just that.

Then there’s online sites like Userlytics and Testerup are two user-testing platforms where companies pay people to test websites and apps in exchange for feedback. This is a great way to make some extra cash while giving your opinion on products that could shape the future of technology.

Many sites rely on user research to improve their services, and user testing is one of the most effective ways they get those insights. So if you’re looking for a way to monetize your expertise while helping businesses create better user experiences, user testing and online surveys might just be the right fit for you.

8. Sell Your Reproductive Cells

Among the millions of things you can sell online, did you know you could sell your body parts? Its a weird business model but hear me out! The idea of selling one’s reproductive cells is becoming increasingly popular as a way to make money in the modern world.

With the rising cost of living and the need for extra income, more people are looking into ways to monetize their bodies and eggs or sperm offer an easy way to do that. Selling your eggs or sperm can be a great way to make some quick cash, but it does come with its own set of risks and considerations. Before making any decisions about selling your reproductive cells, you should take time to consider all aspects of this process including potential health risks, legal implications, financial compensation, privacy concerns and more.

When it comes to selling eggs or sperm, the first step is to find a fertility clinic that specializes in egg and sperm donation. Once you’ve identified a suitable clinic, you will usually need to go through an application process and pass a physical examination before being approved to donate. If you are approved, you will then be informed of the clinic’s payment structure and any potential risks involved in donating.

Before selling your eggs or sperm, it is important to research all aspects of the process thoroughly and read the fine print. You should look into the legalities surrounding egg and sperm donation as they vary from state to state. You will also need to consider any potential health risks. Its also important to think about how you want your privacy protected during the donation process and afterwards if any further contact is required by the clinic.

Make sure that you are getting fair compensation for your egg or sperm donation. Different clinics will offer different levels of payment, so make sure that you understand how much you will be receiving before agreeing to the procedure. You should also consider any additional costs related to the process such as transportation fees, time off work and any other expenses.

9. Sell Your Plasma and Your Blood

Selling your plasma and blood can be a great way to make extra money in times of financial difficulty. Not only is it an easy way to earn some quick cash, but it also has the potential to save lives as well. Plasma and blood donations are vital for medical treatments and research, so donating or selling these products can have a huge impact on people’s wellbeing. Plus, many places will pay you for your donations, making it a win-win situation!

10.  Sell Your Breast Milk

Are you a nursing mother looking for an extra way to make money? Consider selling your breast milk! There is a growing demand by parents, medical facilities and nutrition companies for human breast milk. It can be used to feed premature infants, provide nutrition to those with compromised immune systems, or even as an ingredient in beauty products.

By selling your breast milk, not only will you benefit financially but also help those who need it most. With the right precautions taken, this could be a safe and lucrative venture.

11.  Sell Your Urine and Poop

Believe it or not, you can actually make money by selling your urine and feces. Yes, that’s right – your bodily fluids are now a commodity! As strange as it may sound, there is an increasing demand for these products in the medical and health care industries.

Companies like and are leading the way in purchasing urine and feces samples from healthy donors to use in medical research, drug testing, and even food supplements. Urine and feces contain valuable chemicals which are used to diagnose diseases, test drugs, and even produce food supplements.

Selling these body fluids can be a lucrative way of making some extra cash on the side. Furthermore, since urine and poop don’t take up much space or require any special storage conditions – they’re easy to transport too! So if you’re looking for an unconventional yet profitable way to earn money – consider giving peeing and pooping for profit a try!

One of the more well-known companies that pay for pee and poop samples is OpenBiome, a non-profit stool bank headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts. OpenBiome collects and screens poo donations from healthy donors to create a supply of fully-tested, high-quality stool samples. The company then distributes these samples to hospitals and clinics across the United States and Canada, where they are used to treat patients with Clostridium difficile infections. For their services, OpenBiome compensates donors $40 per sample.

12.  Sell Your Sweat

If you’re looking for a creative way to make money, selling your body sweat might be the perfect solution. It may sound strange but it’s actually becoming increasingly popular – just ask Stephanie Matto! This is one of those online businesses where you don’t need your own website. You can start with a few social media accounts like Stephanie! She monetized her loyal following and created a profitable side hustle! This required a little social media management on her part and this was only one of her money making ideas. She first sold her farts in jars to earn money. With her success in selling jars of both boob and fart sweat, she has shown that no matter how unusual your business idea is, if you do it right, you can make a good living off of it.

If you think this could be an interesting source of income for you, here are some tips on how to get started.

  • Make sure you are legally allowed to sell your sweat. Depending on where you live, there may be certain laws and regulations governing the sale of body fluids.
  • Do some research before diving in. Create a similar product that is appealing to potential customers – like selling your breath!
  • Figure out how you want to package it – perhaps as a novelty item, or as a health and wellness product – and craft a compelling description of your product.
  • Market yourself well. Share your story on social media, create interesting visuals that showcase your product, and build relationships with potential customers.
  • Just have fun with it!

Selling body sweat might seem unusual but if you approach it with the right attitude, you too can make it a successful venture. Maybe you’ll end up creating your own online store with lots of other body stuff for sale.

13.  Sell access to Your Computer’s Processing Power

Do you have a computer with powerful hardware and internet connection sitting idle at home? If yes, then you can use it to making money online while you sleep. There are many websites that allow users to mine cryptocurrencies using their computers such as, and which makes the process easy for anyone who wants to get involved in this type of activity.

All you need is a solid internet connection, a free account on one of these sites and your computer’s processing power to start mining digital coins from the comfort of your own home!

14.  Be a Friend

Being a good friend is an important quality to have in life. Unfortunately, it can be hard for some people to find reliable friends that you can trust and rely on for support. You might have already thought to sell services, and friendship didn’t come to mind. If you’re a good listener or like to be the plus one to a party, sites like and are two websites that provide users with the opportunity to rent virtual friends online!

These sites offer a wide variety of services such as companionship, advice, or just someone to talk to when needed – all without having to worry about making long-term commitments or other obligations associated with traditional friendships!

Renting a friend is also beneficial if you’re looking for someone who shares similar interests or experiences with you but don’t want the hassle of actually meeting up in person due to time constraints or distance issues. With help, anyone can gain access to an instant network of trustworthy virtual friends whenever they need one!

Or maybe sometimes feel like you want to give a hug? If so, then consider becoming a professional cuddler. Professional cuddling is an increasingly popular job that involves providing comfort and companionship to clients in the form of hugs, snuggles, and other forms of physical affection.

There are even online courses your can take to get certified. Not only can it be a great source of income for those looking to make some extra money on the side, but it also offers many benefits such as stress relief and improved mental health. It’s not just about getting paid to give someone a hug; professional cuddlers have the opportunity to connect with people on an emotional level while providing them with much needed comfort.

So if you’re interested in being more than just friends with your clients and helping them out emotionally too, then becoming a professional cuddler could be right up your alley!

15.  Professional Eater or Food Taster

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to eat food? Well, your dream can come true if you become a professional food taster. Professional tasters are hired by restaurants, caterers and other companies to sample their products and provide feedback about taste, texture and overall quality.

It is a unique job that requires not only an appreciation for good food but also the ability to accurately describe it in words or on paper. Professional eating combines both physical pleasure with intellectual work – what could be better than that?

Or maybe you just want to eat a lot of food fast! Competitive eating, or speed-eating as it is sometimes called, has become an increasingly popular sport in recent years. Professional competitive eaters compete against each other to see who can eat the most food in a given time period.

The events are usually timed and require competitors to consume large quantities of food within specific rules and guidelines. These competitions often attract huge crowds and have spawned many celebrity professional eaters who have become stars in their own right. It’s not just about eating as much as possible, though; there are also elements of strategy involved, with participants needing to make quick decisions on how best to approach the task at hand. With its growing popularity, professional competitive eating looks set to remain an exciting spectator sport for some time yet!

So what do you think?

Making money in your spare time is a great way to supplement your income and achieve financial freedom. With the right approach, you can turn any of these 15 weird but brilliant ways to make money from home into a lucrative side hustle. It may take some effort on your part, but it’s definitely worth it! So why not get started today?

There are so many opportunities out there waiting for you – all that’s left to do is find one that fits with your skillset and jump in headfirst.

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