Income Report : July 2020

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I chose to start this journey with a Tier platform.

My fulfillment center’s data shows that the majority of successful merchants need on average 14 designs within the first 5 days.

So I made sure to have 14 listings up within the first 5 days. My first listing was posted on June 26th and 6 days later, I had my first sale!

The Etsy fees below also include $30/mo advertising fees. I’m not sure if I’ll be increasing this budget to align as I increase my listings.

After the cost of production, here are my numbers for July 2020 :

Gross Earnings : $938.05

Etsy Fees : $136.63

Printful : $263.39

Printify : $620.97

NET EARNINGS : $-82.94

These numbers are based on my deposits and charges, so some of my profits have not been deposited yet. I’m not worried about the negative number at this point because the remainder of my earning will show up in next months numbers. Also, I’m using my credit card for the production partners so I’m earning points as well.

I’m earning $3 – $7 per sale at this rate.

Next month I”m going to raise my prices to see if I can increase my margins. I’m also going to add as many listings as I can to increase the total gross.

See you next month!

Please note this post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through my link at no extra cost to you. Rest I assured, I only make recommend something I enjoy myself. Please see full disclosure here.

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